The realisation

This is a story of a world where desire of people got so big that they could get anything in a day and just with a click. The world in which each toddler had a phone and the families stopped talking because the meaning was gone. This was the great year ‘2020’. Though men made the internet but internet overpowered men, its purpose was to raise the bar of human intelligence but young and adult didn’t used it for that. More the knowledge stronger is the will but people used it only for Netflix and chill. As a consequence, the eyes of the bright grew squarer and the intellectual ability of people reached to a horror.

Then came the virus, which made the people hide away, for many this was an opportunity to improve themselves right away. People who used internet only to watch the scrap now decided to give learning a chance. To their amazement the online libraries, courses and educational videos were great and to learn about the worldly phenomena was better than wasting time while lying on their bed. The new born curiosity made the hunger for knowledge to grow so big that it seemed that when this difficult time will end men will finally find true purpose of themselves. Internet which was blamed to depreciate the intelligence proved to be the most effective weapon to fight the virus as people gained knowledge and it gave them an upper edge.

Men who used technology wisely after the pandemic were far ahead of even those who considered themselves as mighty. The moral of the story is sometimes, solutions to problems lies in our vicinity. In conclusion, what is the remedy? History will say that Wise use of technology and internet and resources is the key.                  


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