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Binary life

                                   Numbers 0 and 1 which are also regarded as binary digits form the basis of communication between machines in the globe. Just for the sake of introduction-if there is a phenomenon associated in nature and we assign a binary index to it, then index 0 will represent that it is not happening and 1 it is happening. What I have realised so far that as college students we tend to follow this concept in our lives too. For example, if a computer science student decides to learn a particular language then the student can be seen exhausting his/her complete energy on that thing. We are being taught from childhood that to achieve your aim you must give your 100% to it, no doubt it’s correct but in a particular phase of life there can be many goals to achieve. Like in the case of undergrad schools the focus should not merely be on academics one should also develop co-curricular activities and most importantly good health. As I have seen most of the studen