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                              Decisions The cause of unhappiness is nothing but our choices. We are being called as adults when we develop the ability to decide whats good and bad for us. Our lives are totally based on decisions. The consequences of these decisions get shallow as we move forward in our lives. Yes, not deeper as they say its better to start early. Similarly if we make farsighted decisions at early age than it certainly makes up for some wrong choices that we could possibly make in our future. That decision could be anything for eg. A student who is interested in computers can start to learn code early. Students in college can gain some extra skills which they will need in corporate world. As an earning man one can decide to invest for security in future. But the point is that when we are in those situations we are not in state of analysing things. Ofcourse its the lack of analysis that drives us to situations where we have to make tough decisions. The best thing t
                                                               Karna Reading about karna (from Mahabhartha) is indeed very interesting. Karna is known for his loyalty, principles and skills that he possessed. His face resembled like the thousand petals of a lotus flower. His tale is filled with many questions that are being put forth to the reader in the modern world, which gives many answers and also creates dilemma. He was the son of kunti which she got from the god ‘Surya’ hence he was called Surya putra Karan. His story starts when his mother kunti drained him off on top of a river due to her insecurities. Received by a charioteer’s family, thus the child who was meant to be a royal prince was destined to live the life of a low caste man. But we all know this didn’t happen. He didn’t let his ‘caste’ decide who he will become. Which certainly answers to those unenthusiastic people in the modern world who believe that they are not capable. its fine that we can’t control some e