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breezy thought

                                           the cold breezes feel great when they touch the face, the little darkness acts like a cherry on a cake. chilliness of the winds may give an expression of delight to some or for some its just cold. This kind of weather is short lived similarly sometimes our perceptions, it doesn’t means that we are fickle minded but more of a trait. Whenever we converse with people we make our mind-set about them But we don’t know whether the person is acting according to the situation or not. It becomes a part of our lifestyle to act according to the situation and that is explainable too. At the same time it is also true that the feelings created by speaker in the hearts of listener will be short lived and a great example for this is the so called motivational lectures. For those to whom it is delight it is short lived too. Coming back to the mindset, we see that the things which have different meanings to different people have temporary impacts. If we ha

first words

in search of greatness the path is uncertain . maybe a proper path doesn’t exist…you take inspiration from a great person .’if’ u devise your own way, your search for greatness changes into the need to   converge your thoughts. And that should be the aim I guess ,to achieve convergence of mind.         “Inner directedness” While reading an account which related to Gautam Buddha I came across these two words. But these words drove me in a dilemma that how far is it correct to practice this in the real life? Obviously it is quite interesting that if you don’t bother about your daily experiences with “people” and just keep on focussing that what gives you peace, silence will pave your path to success… Will it not suck the colours   out of the life? And human beings are called “social animals” relations(friends,foes) do matter. There could be a view that “your actions” define if you have a moderate approach towards everyone then you don’t really need to bother