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The experience

What is the name of the feeling which arrives when you are finally going to execute something that you prepared with full dedication and effort? When I saw the scores that were displayed on the screen after the completion of my Graduate record exam (GRE) exam, for a moment I forgot that this is not a good score, but I just flowed in the emotion of satisfaction. I believe that if we do any task with dedication and at the same time remaining true to yourself then at the time of finale a satisfactory if not expected ending is inevitable. During the time when I was preparing for my GRE exam I always knew that I’m not going to score a high 330 or 320. Same happened with me 2 years back when I was preparing for JEE exams but what made me getting really upset at that time and not this time was that I didn’t accepted my reality during JEE but I certainly did accepted it 2 years later during GRE preparation journey . To decide whether you should be satisfied or disappointed with the resu

The realisation

                                                             This is a story of a world where desire of people got so big that they could get anything in a day and just with a click. The world in which each toddler had a phone and the families stopped talking because the meaning was gone. This was the great year ‘2020’. Though men made the internet but internet overpowered men, its purpose was to raise the bar of human intelligence but young and adult didn’t used it for that. More the knowledge stronger is the will but people used it only for Netflix and chill. As a consequence, the eyes of the bright grew squarer and the intellectual ability of people reached to a horror. Then came the virus, which made the people hide away, for many this was an opportunity to improve themselves right away. People who used internet only to watch the scrap now decided to give learning a chance. To their amazement the online libraries, courses and educational videos were great and to learn abou

The book called friendship

What happens sometimes is that while reading the book called friendship, if one of the two people tends to read the chapters faster than his partner than the gap between their psychological understanding of each other increases. The catch is they don’t realise it as it feels awkward to ask your buddy that ‘hey dude, how dedicated you are to this bond?’ The guy who is reading faster continues to do so while unconsciously thinking that his partner is reading at the same pace. This gap tends to increase with each conversation. One day when you feel agitated by some action of your friend than it all comes to you that, Yes, I may have been reading this ‘book called friendship’ faster than my friend. For a healthy friendship it’s important that the people involved must be on the ‘same page’. Their reading speed should sync with each other. What one doesn’t know should also be forbidden by other, this helps keeping things even. The guy who has reached farther in the book may feel upset