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Consequences of decoding God with logic

     Consequences of decoding God by logic.             These were the words of my teacher “as I have read science I don’t believe in god but yes, I believe in energies”. He was man who had an extraordinary self believe so there was nothing wrong to admire him. This was the first time that a doubt was raised in my mind that believing in god and finding logic are the opposite faces of coin? Born in a typical hindu family where god is heavily cherished I also developed a fear of god. Yes, fear because listening every time that everything is governed by god I started to pray in mornings. I realised that I only prayed for prevention, causes some reasons not from the heart. Luckily I had a chance to read a book which was basically an interpretation of Mahabhartha which helped in great aspects such as realising what is true Dharma (not doing anything to any person who you don’t consider that should be done to you).   Mahabhartha made me realise that there is no hell no heaven, no good