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The Slake stage

Forgive all before you go to  sleep , you'll be forgiven before you get up. – Lord  Krishna . This is one of those quotes which I guess is not discussed much unlike the quotes about Karma and Dharma . We have a tendency to do practices which are well followed, easy to pursue even if the outputs arrive really late. To people of my age I believe it would rather sound easy to do deeds without thinking about rewards or failures rather than going to bed on time. Humans when born in terms of consciousness have only two characteristics either we are asleep or we are awake. Let’s call them ‘Sleep stage’ and ‘Awake stage’ respectively. During Awake stage we live, experience and think whereas in Sleep stage we are oblivious. But as we grow a third stage also comes into significance in which we are perfectly conscious but we can’t do anything. The stage between Sleep and Awake or as I called it the ‘Slake stage’. Most of us would have experienced it generally at midnight. The duration w