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the pole and the knot

It’s only in the mind, is my biggest learning. I guess because what I realized is that when we fear something or when we are stuck our situation is like of a person whose thumb is tied to a rope and this rope is further tied to a pole. what we do is to try and break that pole rather than untying our thumb which is a lot easier. If this hypothesis of mine is presented to anyone the most obvious argument will be that ‘in real, it is not easy to differentiate between the pole and the knot on the thumb’. Which can also be interpreted as the situation didn’t allowed you to do the same. Agree, absolutely. Infact, I would not have been writing this if I myself would have determined this at the correct time, ha-ha. The pole, is the situation on which we don’t have control but consciously we are trying to overcome it. The knot on the thumb is the ‘perception of mind’. Which looks harder to untie but still is in our control. We should always give a momentarily pause to our lives

Why we hesitate?

To my friends who say they ‘hesitate’ to speak in public. Why we hesitate? We fear the laughs, specially the whispering among ears and think of it as indignation(insult), don’t we? This is a very common characteristic; I’m not defining it as a problem because if that would have been the case only few people would have suffered but I can’t say about the world but when I see you (my class), I guess everyone suffers with this kind of hesitation. Now, it is not that we don’t bother to improve, even I had discussions with many of you regarding the issues with language ‘English’. “Merko meri English strong karni h, kaise kru?” My reply has always been to take the first step, read newspapers, watch English comedies/movies etc. I just want to ask one thing to you guys that how many of you are really trying to improve on speaking skills? The answer is the measure of consistency to achieve our goals. The biggest mistake that we are doing is not ‘assigning priority’ to lea