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The Admission Process

I still remember the day when I first walked into the campus, I still remember the outfit I wore, the weather, everything. It took me around 7 hours to reach Radaur, from Rewari to New Delhi and from there to Radaur. There was scorching heat, the tire of the bus got punctured which added to the journey time. Nevertheless, I was still in high spirits because I sort of started to like travelling by that time as I used to travel far of cities sometimes in even in different states to give entrance examinations. As soon as the auto dropped me in front of the college’s main gate, the security guards welcomed me in the humblest way possible, one of gave me a smile and other welcomed me in, it felt like they knew that I was coming there. In the hindsight I believe that 1 or 2 minutes I spent at the gate was very important for my mind as they mitigated my skepticism about taking admission in the college. Now as I was walking from the gate to the administration office, all negative thoughts