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Emotion, corruption and us.

                                                                  Emotion, corruption and us I once read this line “emotions doesn't make you strong they just hinder your development”. To say that a guy with emotions is weak, will be a very superficial thing because in many cases emotional people are hardest to handle when their sentiments are hurt. But my today’s topic is about how having emotions can hinder your success. My observation is based on media of every type either news or entertainment. But its really important to know that what is the ‘control’ here. Which means with respect to which I will be calling someone or something less developed than others. if I start with a very simple question that why India on every scale is less developed than western countries? Yes, no doubt the arguments about corruption will be have the first place. But when we say that do we mean that people in western countries are more honest than people in India? That’s why there is no corr