The book called friendship

What happens sometimes is that while reading the book called friendship, if one of the two people tends to read the chapters faster than his partner than the gap between their psychological understanding of each other increases. The catch is they don’t realise it as it feels awkward to ask your buddy that ‘hey dude, how dedicated you are to this bond?’ The guy who is reading faster continues to do so while unconsciously thinking that his partner is reading at the same pace. This gap tends to increase with each conversation. One day when you feel agitated by some action of your friend than it all comes to you that, Yes, I may have been reading this ‘book called friendship’ faster than my friend.

For a healthy friendship it’s important that the people involved must be on the ‘same page’. Their reading speed should sync with each other. What one doesn’t know should also be forbidden by other, this helps keeping things even. The guy who has reached farther in the book may feel upset when his company doesn’t know the answers of the situations which according to (normal reader) are yet to come.

What to do? First, it’s important to select what’s more important? The friend or the friendship? If you select friendship than you don’t have to do anything just keep reading until one of you finishes the book, closes it and let the book bite the dust. This is the best way I believe to break the bond as no harm is done and no grudges are made.

The first requires patience and perseverance towards your friend. The fast reader should use patience by not continuing to read the book, (don’t reach to conclusions yet). Now what happens is when you don’t read a book for some time you tend to forget the learnings of chapters. Agree? The fast reader should open the book after a duration to revise the chapters and there are good chances that he will meet his fellow reader again. They can again start but now the fast reader knows what’s the exact pace. So the friendship is not lost but I can agree that the strain in the relation is inevitable due to the gap which was caused earlier. It will not look as a compromise to the guy who chose the first option.


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