The experience

What is the name of the feeling which arrives when you are finally going to execute something that you prepared with full dedication and effort? When I saw the scores that were displayed on the screen after the completion of my Graduate record exam (GRE) exam, for a moment I forgot that this is not a good score, but I just flowed in the emotion of satisfaction. I believe that if we do any task with dedication and at the same time remaining true to yourself then at the time of finale a satisfactory if not expected ending is inevitable.

During the time when I was preparing for my GRE exam I always knew that I’m not going to score a high 330 or 320. Same happened with me 2 years back when I was preparing for JEE exams but what made me getting really upset at that time and not this time was that I didn’t accepted my reality during JEE but I certainly did accepted it 2 years later during GRE preparation journey. To decide whether you should be satisfied or disappointed with the result is by asking yourself that at which side of the reality line do I stand? But it’s important to draw one first during the preparation.

GRE score is just a number, a 163 in quant doesn’t mean that I’m good at mathematics and a 147 in verbal doesn’t mean I suck at English. Also preparing for GRE is not a mammoth task at all. It's just a test you need to give to be eligible for Master's admission in USA. Profile, impact and contribution to society guarantees the admit.

 If you take up a path that is not visited often then the experience while walking on it will definitely add to your personality, demeanour and vision as you will have something extra in your pocket because you will have to put no effort in finding what happens if you choose the frequently visited path as numerous people have already taken it.

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