Why fear while science is here

Today my cousin who studies in 5th standard while walking in the balcony accidentally kicked a broom, he took a pause put his hand on the broom (which for obvious reasons had dirt on it) and moved it towards his head (typical gesture which most of us do when we drop a book). I asked him why he did that?

He: Bhaiya because my mom taught me that.
I asked again and said but why she asked u to pay respect to a non-living thing?
I have no hesitation in writing his answer
He: Because mom said the broom is considered as mata (Goddess)

Here comes the important point, before educating anyone first it's important to educate your family.

I told him: Bhai (brother), see the broom is a tool by which we eradicate all the dirt from our house with minimal effort hence it makes our lives easy. It's our duty to make sure it is in proper condition so that it can be used next time too, simple. Their is nothing Godly about it :)
Taking care of something is equivalent to paying respect so u don't need to that gesture. Just be careful next time and u r done :) Most importantly u don't have to fear.

The intention of my aunt was not wrong but it's important to draw a solid layer of reasoning by providing proper explanations which will then form the basis of a child's reasoning ability.

PS: I understand that one's superstition can be important, i don't want to hurt sentiments.


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